Episode 336 : Our Hearts Are With You

This week, we get pretty political. We didn’t mean to (well, not for the whole time), but we did. The good news is, we’re mostly just being anti-racist. So that’s awesome. Also, we end on much happier notes. Enjoy!



What roles do love and physical affection play in your life? –Cawfee


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5 Responses to Episode 336 : Our Hearts Are With You

  1. jas says:

    Yeah, these people are definitely not the majority, but a vocal minority. And I’m really glad to see responses like the resignations from the business advisory groups, as well as people getting fired when their identity is known. (Trolls, anonymity, etc…..)

    As to whether it sticks–this is one of those things where I want to preface what I say with the Cowardly Lion response: “There’s only one thing I want you fellas to do…..Talk me out of it.”

    I don’t see it having any effect on Trump supporters. The poll that asked if people think Trump’s response was strong enough showed 52% said, no, it wasn’t. That number is actually slightly lower than the number of people who disapprove of his performance overall (55-57%).

    It does seem to be having an effect on Republicans in Congress. That might also have to do with some other things going on. I don’t know if this will impact them in the long run if they think that Republicans generally are still supporting Trump.

    Having just come back from the UK I can tell you that Charlottesville was topping the news there. Among my relatives (whose politics range from Tory to Left-Wing of Labour), there is universal horror over Trump about everything he does. They tend to be more focused (understandably) on the possibility that he’s going to start a nuclear war and kill everyone.

  2. jas says:

    Trump’s racism: I assume people know about the federal discrimination case against his real estate company in the 70s? And his father’s connection to the KKK?

    A lot of my friends are going to the counter protest in Boston today. (I have a performance otherwise I’d be going as well.) I hope they’ll be OK.

  3. jas says:

    Estimate of Counter-Protest in Boston: 45,000.

    Of “Free-Speech” Rally: less than 100.

  4. jas says:

    Correction: now reading that the “Free-Speech” Rally (which never got started because they were drowned out) was only about 2 dozen people.

  5. Mark says:

    Catching up & Skipping Episodes: The last time I think I skipped any episodes was 199. Though after listening to the last couple of episodes, I think I mixed them up a bit and I suppose it’s possible I missed one somewhere.

    Hamster Supremacists: If you were talking about Cheetos dusted hamsters, I’d assume you were talking about 45.

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