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Our first meme!

Kiya Bee has provided us our first Hat meme!  Don’t know if she made it, or just found it, but we love it!  Thanks, Kiya!  

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Episode 37 : Thankful for Hats

Yes, it’s our first ever Thanksgiving episode, and we have a lot to be thankful for.  Citizenship, comedy, and something Sir Guido said (I already forget what).  And meat.  Lots of meat.  Also, William talks at length about… something…   … Continue reading

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Episode 36 : Gastrointerpublicist

This week, we go deep inside local Goth culture for a look at the…. um… stuff, there.  We also rehash a topic from last week.  It’s not our fault!  It’s yours! We probably also discuss other things, but I don’t … Continue reading

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Episode 35 : If it weren’t for my horse…

It’s an odd mix of sedate dead-air and loud angry rants!  What could be better!  We alternate between long, drawn-out sighs and quiet, pensive thinking, with angry, bile-spewing tirades about… well, a variety of things.   Extra bonus features:  Really … Continue reading

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Episode 34 : Symptoms may include…

It’s a waffle-heavy episode, because that’s what you all have been asking for!  We’ve got some movie reviews, and some recipes, and some serious medical warnings.  But let’s be honest, it’s all about the waffles.  Also, our sound issues persist, … Continue reading

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