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Episode 168 : No, Tony, noooooooo!

It’s the start of another two-parter, folks, and like always, Wiliam discusses Wonder Woman. We also tackle heated issues of breakfast food, and explain why computers suck now. And William, in a rare moment of backbone, stands up to Tony, … Continue reading

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Episode 167 : Wheel of Morality

So this is the second part of last week’s episode. We finally catch up on TV (I know you were worried), before delving into the deep issues of morality and karma. Also, the cats hang around a lot. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: … Continue reading

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Episode 166 : The Greatest Story Never Told…

Basically, William fixes everything that modern film is ruining about Wonder Woman. That’s pretty much the whole show. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Dear William and Tony, What is your favorite single line from a book you’ve read?            … Continue reading

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Episode 165 : Anarchism and Batman

William gets really philosophical tonight. Multiple times. And then we write letters to our past selves. Also, at some point, Tony saw a movie. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: Tony & William, What is your favorite soup and why? — Bloodsparrow Dear … Continue reading

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Episode 164 : Wild Wild World of Hat

This week is Tony’s anniversary, so we’re not recording tonight. But we recorded last week, just for you! We talk pro wrestling, space flight, and then crap all over the concept of sports like a couple of bitter drama students! … Continue reading

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