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Episode 190 : Freaking Wonder Woman!

A lot of questions tonight. Also, the story that explains what it’s like to be Tony. Then Tony has a long, drawn out fight with Wonder Woman, and loses. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: While at work, do you ever have one of … Continue reading

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Episode 189 : Freaking Fish Mooney!

Catching up from two weeks, we go through some TV shows again, and discuss plans for the near future. Then it’s zombies, love, and Neil Gaiman. Sort of. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: What do vegetarian zombies eat? — Anonymous What real … Continue reading

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Episode 188 : Mystery Episode 18

Well, I guess the universe felt the need to align (ep 188 and mystery ep 18? Get it?) and the dimensions parted.. and here we are. Mystery Episode. Enjoy! Play in new window | Download

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Episode 187 : There Will Definitely Be Bacon Involved

It gets heavy at the beginning here, people. Serious, dark talk about… super powers. Then TV. Then… um.. poop, a little, I think? And then, definitely, bacon. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: You talk a lot about DC comics but what are … Continue reading

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Episode 186 : Mystery Episode 17

So, you know that thing you’ve been wanting us to talk about? Yes, you. That specific thing? Well, tonight, we talk about that. Probably. Maybe. I dunno. This episodes from another dimension! How would I possibly know? Stop pestering me! … Continue reading

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