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Episode 277 : Jessie Hyatt is My Spirit Animal

We probe William’s fears in this episode, and see what makes him tick. We also wait twenty minutes to start the episode. And as a bonus, we discuss the VVitch! Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: You’re having lunch with three people whom … Continue reading

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Episode 276 : Zombie Clothes

This episode we discuss a few TV shows, a little bit about Tony’s trip to Chicago, and a little bit about a cheesy horror movie. Then we get down to the serious business of solving society, as always. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: … Continue reading

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Episode 275 : Babies are Dumb

I’ll be honest. I’m not even sure how the hour went by. We talked the whole time, but I’m not even sure what about. I think TV shows were in there. And a lot of cat stuff. And two questions, … Continue reading

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Episode 274 : Mystery Episode 30

Your guess is as good as ours. This episode just appeared. Somehow, they must’ve known Tony was sick, again. But as they say in the evil universe, “What’s a podcast?” Enjoy! Play in new window | Download

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Episode 273 : Brazilian Leona Helmsley

A lot of hypotheticals tonight, folks. But who cares about that, there’s a new member of the family! Said new member spends a lot of time messing with things, and threatening to derail the whole podcast. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: As a … Continue reading

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