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Episode 103 : Wedding Crashers

We’ve got a lot to catch up on this week, folks. William discusses his new script, and we reach out to the listener community for support. Then, it’s on to weddings, as we have our very own Bridal Hatstravaganza of … Continue reading

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Episode 102 : Mystery Episode 8

Due to inclement weather, we’re unable to record a new episode. But we found one of those other-dimensional episodes! And the weird thing? Those guys in the other dimension still use the old sound equipment! And the old intro and … Continue reading

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Episode 101 : New Sound Equipment!!!

We’ve got new sound, people! Hundreds of dollars of new sound equipment… that might make us sound worse than we used to. Let us know, because as usual, we have no idea what we’re doing. But we also have a … Continue reading

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Episode 100 : A Whole Bunch of Iches

It’s finally here! Episode 100 of the podcast! Thanks to those who stuck with us through all the boring episodes and pointless episodes and other-dimensional episodes. We couldn’t (well, wouldn’t) have done it without you! To celebrate, we brought in … Continue reading

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