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My new favorite day!

Today, the US Supreme Court approved the legality of gay marriage.   As most (all?) of you (should?) know, Tony and William feel strongly about this issue. This is a wonderful, incredible day, and I can’t stop crying with happiness. … Continue reading

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Episode 224 : I Really Thought More Had Happened..

We do a little catch up this week, though not as much as expected. Then an in-depth look at Disney, followed by some words that Hard Hat #1 made up. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: *indicates a question was abridged Do you prefer … Continue reading

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Episode 223 : There Once Was a Hat from Nantucket…

A lot of catch up tonight, of course. Lots of movies and TV to discuss, both in general and in specific. Followed by poetry, and various philosophies on travel. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: What’s your favorite limerick? –Anonymous Where is the best place … Continue reading

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Episode 222 : Schrodinger’s Carol Channing

Part 1 didn’t have a lot of questions. Part 2 makes up for it. Also, Tony describes how he’s been defending Ellen Degeneres in his own mind for years. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: * indicates a question was abridged What’s the best … Continue reading

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Episode 221 : Goat Stories

This is part one of two, people, and we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. William talks TV, and Tony discusses all the fun stuff he’s been up to. Also, the best video ever. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Dear deerstalker … Continue reading

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