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Episode 64 : The REAL episode 63

Alright, here’s actual Episode 63, brought to you via Episode 64.  We’re not that professional, so sue us. If you want to know what this episode is about, look at last week’s explanation. This time, it actually applies. … Continue reading

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Episode 63 : Chickens and Cars

Back to the proper dimension, Tony and William discuss Tony’s absence, picky eaters, and dream rides. And we answer the ages-old question, “How does a vegetarian prepare a chicken dinner?” We recorded two episodes tonight, and this was the first, … Continue reading

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Episode 62: Mystery Episode 3

Alternate Universe Tony and Alternate Universe William have prepared this podcast just for you!  Like Schrödinger’s Roomba, this episode both sucks AND doesn’t suck at the same time until you activate it, at which moment the wave-function will collapse into a single manifested reality relative to your … Continue reading

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Episode 61 : Melty-Face

We discuss the nature of William, tonight. He not a Nazi, and you’ll find out why. Also, we BOTH saw the Avengers, so of course, we talk about all the action movie stars that came before. And then, Tony yells … Continue reading

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Episode 60 : The Ice Head Cometh

Sixty! Sixty? Yes, sixty! We are old! Tonight we discuss fine dining, poor cinema, and classic television. Also, more dining, but less fine. And a desert island question… because you knew we had to have one eventually!   LINKS: Play … Continue reading

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