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Episode 99 : Super Famous!

Yes, we’re huge now. We’re major celebrities. Like rock stars. Or mechanics. Or Presidents.  So we spend the episode discussing the intricacies of an outdated RPG, and the merits of feeding raw milk cheese to cats. You know, like famous … Continue reading

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We made the news! For reals!

As promised, local newspaper reporter Max Freund wrote us up in today’s paper! I haven’t had a chance to see what (if anything) is in the physical paper, but it’s on their website. Complete with a video (in which Tony … Continue reading

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Episode 98 : I Control the Bears!

It’s an intense episode tonight, folks! We discuss the upcoming 100th Episode Gala, the power of snacks on time travel, and William goes on a long, crazy rant about how “not weird” he is!   QUESTIONS: If you had a … Continue reading

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Episode 97: Some talk about something

Heya hatlings!  Producer here.  Tony’s got a bad case of the man flu or some such, so I’m posting the episode on his behalf.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you what this episode is about or what questions are covered, but … Continue reading

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Episode 96 : Mystery Episode 7

It’s amazing, the other-dimensional powers of the Hat. Anyway, we had a recording conflict, so we borrowed this episode from the guys with the goatees.   Also, the guys with the goatees don’t write down the questions. Because they’re evil. … Continue reading

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Episode 95 : The Hat of Versailles

This may be the longest episode every, Hatlings. And it gets pretty intense in places. We discuss some video games, yes, but also SEVERAL films. And then we get into a very serious discussion about… well… stuff. The internet, and … Continue reading

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