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The Producer found this. It’s a science-fiction film, about 15 minutes long. Don’t read the premise or anything, just watch the movie. It’s… very cool.    

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Episode 185 : Accidental Genocide

It’s the start of the Fall TV Season! They haven’t seen much, but it won’t stop him from talking about it! Only a little video games (so you can relax, people who get bored from video game talk), followed by … Continue reading

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Episode 184 : Peace to the Goatmen

We’re back! Like, in real time! Well, not real time, but… same day service? Photos while you wait? Glasses in about an hour? Whatever, we’re back. And we talk (really in depth) about some video game crap. And then about … Continue reading

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Episode 183 : Jesus or Satan?

Time to catch up on Tony’s stuff, this week. From the last… two weeks? And then, a most innocuous question from Azuretalon(!!!) creates a fascinating conversation about metal. And religion. So there. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Dear Dissonant and Confused Forced Voice … Continue reading

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Episode 182 : Title Not Found

This is the start of a future two parter, so hold onto your butts! We’ve got a lot of superhero stuff (shocking), and then, if that wasn’t nerdy enough, we follow it up with Trek Wars. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Dear Hatleks, … Continue reading

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