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Episode 116 : Phil Collins likes Phil Collins

This week, we talk a lot about Star Trek: Voyager. Well, William does. Just fair warning. But we also talk about death, and get pretty deep into the nature of the Hat, and how much various members of Genesis liked … Continue reading

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Episode 115 : Title Redacted

This episode is being posted with the power of portable media, so the blurb is gonna be short. There was too much controversy to pick a title. Otherwise, super-awesome episode. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: If you wrote an autobiography what would … Continue reading

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Episode 114 : So Many Dead Beavers!

We talk about a lot of stuff this week! Movies, podcasts, games, other kinds of games, pizza, making fun of William, and hats. So many hats! Amazing (and expensive) hats! Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: Dear The Magical Talking Hat, What is … Continue reading

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Episode 113 : Mystery Episode 10

Well, the inter-dimensional magic is at play, again, so we’ve got a Mystery Episode. I dunno what’s in it, and i dunno what the questions are. But I’m sure it’s good…. well… you know… for us. Enjoy! … Continue reading

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Episode 112 : Snarfblats

Now, don’t be scared, everyone… but this week, we did NO QUESTIONS. It’s not our fault! Actually, it’s completely our fault. We got pretty distracted by a spirited debate on the nature of the word “geek.” Yes, yes, it’s been … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties 2013!

Ok, so some of you may have noticed we weren’t here for a little bit. We’re back, though. If you’re reading this, you probably figured it out.   The problem is a long story, that I’m sure will come up … Continue reading

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