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Episode 142 : Chat Talk

Happy Thanksgiving, all! We’re thankful for getting the soft drink you actually ordered, Michael Landon, Doctor Who, and our wonderful listeners! No big whoop. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Hat minions, If you asked for a cola and were served a Dr. Pepper, … Continue reading

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Episode 141 : I Was Raised By Featherless Dinosaurs

This is the first part of a 2 parter. We’ve got the usual… movies, TV, video games… but most importantly, we’ve got dinosaurs! Dinosaurs are the coolest, so you know you’ve got to listen. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: (* indicates question was … Continue reading

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Episode 140 : Retro is the New Neutral

William finally played Gone Home. That’s really the only thing you need to know about this episode. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Dear TMTH, What would you say is the greatest achievement of humanity so far?           — Craig  Nerd … Continue reading

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Episode 139 : The Producer Reads a Board Game

A lot of catching up on this episode. It HAS been two weeks for us on this end, after all. And then a whole lot of talk about the Divine. But, most important, the Producer reads materials from a board … Continue reading

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