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Episode 138 : The Magical Bird-killing Cauldron

Yes, it’s our annual spooooooky Halloween episode! We discuss eating things you shouldn’t, William’s obsession with dressing up, computer interfaces, and a possible ancestor to the Hat? Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Dear vocal extensions of The Magical Talking Hat, What is the … Continue reading

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Episode 137 Redux : William’s Accidental Art Film?

It seems that some of you are nervous about the dreaded “P-word” in the original title of episode 137. Feel it might invite evil spam, salacious viruses, or the ire of your service provider (i.e. work?).   So here is … Continue reading

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Episode 137 : William’s Accidental Porn

I’m gonna be honest, folks… we recorded two episodes tonight, so I don’t really remember what we talked about in this one. Except for a some porn, and some movie soundtracks. But it was really good stuff, I swear! Enjoy! … Continue reading

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Episode 136 : With James Marsters as Mark McKibben!

Some important talks tonight. About children, and why none of us should have them. And about TV, and why we’re still watching it. And we start the process of making some TV tonight. Also, coughing. A LOT of coughing. Sorry. … Continue reading

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Episode 135 : Earth Berms!

This week, we discuss fast food and gender roles. And absolutely nothing else. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Dear Homunuli of the Hamburg, Does Odo on DS9 have a gender? — Jas Play in new window | Download

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Episode 134 : The Siri Test

We’ve got sci-fi, politics, and the Producer, all in abundance! So revel in the feeling, people! So many spaceships, so many political parties. So much killing! And sound effects. A lot of sound effects. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Have you ever considered … Continue reading

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