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Episode 229 : Iowanati or IlluminIowa?

Lots to cover this time! Vacations, books, movies, battle maps. And a last minute surprise from Blue Claw that shows us what a small world state it can be. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Yo, Where battle mats are concerned, square grid or … Continue reading

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Episode 228 : Comedy Loves Misery?

So welcome back for the second part of last week. Or something. Tony talks a lot about movies, in particular a lot of documentaries about comedy. Then there’s math. And economics. Separately. So… Enjoy! QUESTIONS: How many digits of Pi … Continue reading

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Episode 227 : Shia the Beef

We started about 20 minutes late this time. Forgive us. But it’s still interesting, I think. Also, as this is part 1 of a 2 part series, I’ve already mostly forgotten about it. So you’ll have to listen and find … Continue reading

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Episode 226 : Diet Star Wars

We’ve got more things to talk about than we remembered! Exciting! And also Nazis. And the House on the Rock break-down. Just tons of stuff, people. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Do you have a list of all prior questions pulled from the … Continue reading

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Episode 225 : Stupid Eyes

This is a very political episode. But it’s not our fault! You asked for it. You don’t like it, write in more non-political stuff. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: *indicates a question has been abridged Hatmavens, If you could decide who should run … Continue reading

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