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Episode 59 : Big Futon

We go hunting for Squatch! And come to no useful conclusion about movies! Also, more conspiracy theories! Seriously, what more do you people want?   LINKS: Nothing, but I really like this song. Play in new window … Continue reading

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Episode 58 : William can’t build a railroad..

William, once again, needs to be told that people are stupid. Because he’s William. Also, a lot of Star Trek. Oh, and did I mention that Ezzie tries to climb into the Hat. Multiple times. The universe might be ending. … Continue reading

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Episode 57 : Crust is bullshit!

The William version of this episode title is “Yay for Sandwiches!”   William’s famous Dr. Pepper can now be told! Or rather, is told, on the air. By William. In this episode. Also, Lenny Kravitz, sense-memories, and… well, sandwiches. Enjoy! … Continue reading

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Episode 56 : The Gospel According to Jesse Hiatt

Listeners, you have been heard! A question from the Hat gets William to tell one of his favorite stories! Also, Tony is there. And the Producer, a little. And Ezzie. Dammit. Play in new window | Download

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