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Episode 216 : Death of a Hat

This is kind of scary, people, but this week… we run out of note cards in the Hat. They’re done. It’s dead. Unless you write in. This was recorded last week, so hopefully you did. Otherwise, we’re just going to … Continue reading

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Episode 215 : Cable Gru

A lot of catch up this week, on movies and books and such. William waxes poetic about his crush on Kate Mulgrew. And then we rip into modern news channels, because we like easy targets. It’s part 1 of 2. … Continue reading

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Episode 214 : Craig’s Day

This week starts off a little dark. Good, but… dark. But then it picks up. Movies mostly. And angry people. But most importantly, it’s all about Craig tonight. Don’t like his questions? Well, write some yourself, and maybe Craig’s won’t … Continue reading

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Episode 213 : Hear the Cheese Packet Inside

A lot of coughing this episode, I’m afraid. We’re both getting over illness. It’s worse at the beginning, it gets better, promise. Beth is the star question giver tonight, so she gets a lot of answers to burning questions. Also, … Continue reading

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Episode 212 : Mystery Episode 21

Let’s get a little evil, folks! We’re not able to fulfill our normal duties as… Hatbourne? Hattendents? Whatever. So the guys from the evil universe mysteriously step in again. Enjoy! Play in new window | Download

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