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Episode 94 : Holiday Hatstravaganza!

It’s the final episode of 2012! We reminisce on the lack of apocalypse, and discuss all the cool swag Tony got for the holidays. Also, some questions from the Hat. Happy New Year, Hatlings!   QUESTIONS: Dear Hatlets, Doctor Who … Continue reading

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Episode 93 : RELAX!!!

So this is the final episode. The final episode of everything, because the world ends tomorrow. We talk about that quite a bit. Also, a fascinating (and angry) story from the Producer about yoga! Questions : I lost them. There … Continue reading

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Episode 92 : Apocalypse Club

First rule of Apocalypse Club… don’t talk about the Apocalypse! So we won’t. We’ll save it for next week. This week is a lot about video games (sorry, to those who hate that), and about character archetypes, and why we … Continue reading

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Episode 91 : Mystery Episode 6

It’s spooky and strange. It comes from where we know not. Or not where we know? Something like that. Anyway, it’s a mystery episode. We don’t understand, and soon, neither will you. Enjoy! Play in new window … Continue reading

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