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Episode 246 : Let Them Eat Cake!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for all our hatlings and hardhats! We discuss the holiday, the pie, our plans, and the terribly corrupt government in Illinois. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: What is your favorite Asimov novel? –Anonymous   LINKS: Here’s the video … Continue reading

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Episode 245 : Everybody’s Neverland

It’s part one of our usual two-part Thanksgiving extravaganza! Which means we finished this up over an hour ago, so my memory’s not great. New TV shows, a LOT of Peter Pan, and what’s wrong with modern narratives. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: … Continue reading

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Episode 244 : Eight Percent of My Heart

Bad Lovecraft, good Devils, and mid-life crises are on tap for this week. Also bacon shrimp grits cakes. But mostly the other stuff. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: What would your midlife crisis look like? –Anonymous The Lucifer graphic novel is going to be … Continue reading

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Episode 243 : Epigenetics Ruins Everything!

We recap Halloween tonight, and then discuss more serious traits. It’s an interesting mix of light and heavy tonight. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: You get to design a new museum for anything… what do you design? –Cawfee Nature vs. Nurture? –Anonymous Play … Continue reading

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