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Episode 198 : Bothans Be Spyin’

Welcome to our first ever on-Christmas-Christmas episode! Are you so excited? Well, we talk about feudal Japan and cheese, mostly. Still excited? Of course you are! Enjoy! QUESTIONS: If William really was cheese, what kind of cheese would he be? … Continue reading

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Episode 197 : Origin Story

We get into some pretty cool talk about feminism tonight, so that’s cool. And then, we finally get to hear the epic tale of how Tony and William first met, and they both learn a bit more about each other … Continue reading

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Episode 196 : Stop Bayonetting Yourself!

It gets weird tonight, folks. William gets kind of dark. Tony is the hesitant and quiet one (sort of). Up is down. Black is white. But we’ll fix it in editing. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Gentlemen, You must fight to the death. … Continue reading

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Episode 195 : You’re All Adopted

Tonight’s episode is made up of exactly three things: 1. Dead and dying loved ones. 2. The Year Without a Santa Claus. 3. Time travel. That’s it! Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Has anyone ever gotten time travel right (in film, story, etc?) –Anonymous … Continue reading

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