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Episode 29 : Don’t you mean ‘Sparrow’?

This week, we talk about sex until William almost dies!  Also, ornithology!  And future predictions about past TV shows!  And who doesn’t love parades?  William, that’s who!   LINKS:   Discussion of the controversy surrounding some of the DC reboots … Continue reading

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Episode 28 : No time for TV, I’m destroying the world!

We discuss some very important issues in this episode.  Crucial issues for our times.  BBQ, pizza, and television.  Also, when there’s time, we try to destroy the world.  And find out what other crazy things William *didn’t* do as a … Continue reading

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Episode 27 : He’s not normally like this…

We’re not our normal selves, people!  William’s sad and boring, and Tony is annoying and sweary!  What ever will you do?  Well, listen to them talk about cow tipping, ass-play, and billbilly magick, of course!   LINKS: Got check out … Continue reading

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Episode 26 : We’re not done yet!

Yes, darlings, it’s been a half a year, and we’re still rolling.  We love our die-hard fans, and have no plans of stopping any time soon.  Keep writing in to the Hat, and we’ll keep reading them, and making fun … Continue reading

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Episode 25 : The Gift of the… Pork Chop?

It’s our Silver Weekiversary!  What did you get us?   We’re full of it this week, that’s for sure.  Role-playing games, video games, movies, natural disasters, fine literature, weed, and porn.   Also, a deep discussion on the diversity of … Continue reading

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