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Episode 11 : The Night of a Thousand Awkward Pauses…

It’s a weird night, darlings, and Tony and William are in a weird mood.  Loss, sadness, and the terrible state of modern film all come together in a strange, awkward conversation beamed right into your ears.  Also, a topic from … Continue reading

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Episode 10 : The British Invasion!

In this week’s episode, we deal with British people’s obssession with American people’s obssession with British people! Also, you get my full review of the film Priest.  And… have you been wondering if you’re going to be left behind when … Continue reading

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Why does the Hat hate Chrome?

It has come to the attention of the Management that the new website and Google Chrome don’t play nice together.  You can usually load the page, but trying to play an episode, click on a link, or make a comment … Continue reading

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Episode 9 : The Mish-Mash Episode

This week is all over the place!  We’ve got discussion of art, reviews of four, yes FOUR different movies, some old standup comedy schlock, and an actual discussion of sex that lasts for, like, four whole minutes before William blushes … Continue reading

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Episode 8 : The Freaking Azuretalon Episode!!

This episode is all about Azuretalon.  It’s not our fault, blame the hat!  He wasn’t a guest, he was just… the constant topic of conversation.  So, if you don’t like ol’ BlueClaw, then skip this one.  But for all of … Continue reading

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Welcome to our new home!

Welcome, peoples!  This is the new home for The Magical Talking Hat.  Have a look around.  It may look… *really* similar to the old one.  It’s basically the exact same, in fact.  I just imported it over. But trust me, … Continue reading

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