Episode 335 : Off Trek Batting

Catching up from two weeks this episode. Tony talks vacation, William talks movies and gaming, and then Tony talks about a harrowing experience he had. Also, apparently Iowa is the best place in the world for institutional foods. Enjoy!



What foods did you like in your elementary school(s) cafeteria? (Assuming you ate food from your elementary school’s cafeteria, of course.) –Cawfee


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3 Responses to Episode 335 : Off Trek Batting

  1. Beth says:

    I wish I had lab partner (or labs!) to carry me through AP Physics. That class was miserable, and in being so, changed my life. I probably would have had a better senior year of high school without it (negative effect) but I probably wouldn’t have gone to Iowa if not for that class (positive effect). I’ve been thinking I should send that teacher a postcard to let him know how I’ve turned out (3 engineering degrees and a professional license later) – even though I still don’t understand his class or his teaching style. I wonder if he even still teaches there.

  2. Beth says:

    My elementary school didn’t make food. For about half my time there, there was no lunch program, but once a month food was ordered in from a fast food chain (Subway, Taco Bell, pizza, etc). The other half, there was a prepackaged lunch program where you got a hot pack and a cold pack the days you had pre-ordered hot lunch. Of those, I liked the taco boat, soft tacos, and fajitas. Most of the rest of it wasn’t very good, so I only got lunch at school a couple times a month at most. In high school, my parents gave me a generous allowance and I was responsible for paying to go out with my friends, to school dances, meals out, movies, etc. I was a good saver, so I seldom ate school lunch then either. On the days when I didn’t pack a lunch, I’d get a bagel from the grocery store across the street for about 60¢. The things I was most likely to eat at the high school cafeteria were Tostado Tuesday (basically a version of a taco) for $1.85, or the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for 25¢ each. My junior and senior years of high school I didn’t have a lunch period, so I very reliably brought my lunch from home and ate in a specific class (or senior year, in the car between High School B and High School A). The need to attend High School B was so I could take AP Physics, thus contributing to my less than wonderful senior year. Although it made me the third generation of women in my family attending two high schools our senior years to take calculus class.

  3. Mark says:

    Everyone agrees with Tony; what a strange world we’re living in these days.

    No rain here today.

    Meteorology: One of my co-workers used to be a local TV weather guy; but I’ve never thought to ask him if he felt modern tech and/or is making the predictions worse. As for not having extra weather data, you should check out WeatherUnderground. While they do likely pull in NWS data; they also let end-users upload local weather data.

    Oxford Comma: Tony’s comment was so unexpected I literally laughed out loud. 🙂

    Two Spaces after a period: I’m a firm nope on this. I vaguely recall being told that originally it was required because it could somehow cause a problem with mechanical typewriters if you didn’t do it, but I can’t find anything online to back up that half-remembered explanation. Though while searching for it, I learned that typesetters actually have different types/lengths of spaces which I’d never know before.

    Toilet Paper Roll: Apparently science has determined that the one should have the paper going over the top of roll to minimize contact with the surfaces in a bathroom. Otherwise you risk picking up additional bacteria.

    Colossus: I think you mean Colossal and if so, I’m sad. I didn’t get around to seeing it but I thought it sounded like a lot of fun.

    The Fits: Nope, I don’t recall ever hearing of this one before either.

    Car accident: Well that sucks.

    Traveling by train: I’ve never done it in the US, but have always wanted to. I’m also a bit surprised that the cell coverage is bad along those routes. It seems like a natural place to put additional towers.

    Cafeteria Food: I don’t recall food from elementary school, likewise for middle school. I imagine their pizza was acceptable to my younger self. Like Beth , I attended multiple high schools; though in my case, it was not to allow me to take advanced math classes (shudder). At my High School A, I could leave school grounds and eat what I want. This mean I frequently went to McDonalds or the local grocery store (Hy-Vee). High School B, excluding the last couple of weeks of my senior year, I had to stay on school grounds. I think I brown-bagged it a lot during those days, but honestly don’t recall. Seriously, how do you people keep all this stuff in your heads for so many years?

    Drive Safe: Nope, drive with wild and reckless abandon!

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