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Episode 311 : I Want My Mummy!

This is a media-heavy episode, folks. Even the question prompts discussion of media! Books, movies, TV, and video games. But, as an added bonus, we talk baby shoes again! Enjoy! QUESTIONS: What sorts of things do you binge watch and … Continue reading

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Episode 310 : Do Some Right Things

Well, this week we try and recreate the missing episode as best we can. But Tony’s not feeling well, so it’s a pale imitation at best. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: If we learn from our mistakes, why are we afraid of making … Continue reading

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Episode 309 : Mystery Episode 35

We lost another one. Recorded the whole episode, and Audacity crapped out. It’s gone. Listen to this one from the evil universe while we figure out what to do. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: No clue Play in new window … Continue reading

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Episode 308 : That Log Had a Child

We’ve got a little Star Wars this week, and a little video games. But mostly, we’re talking about everyone’s two favorite subjects–Politics and Time Travel. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: You invented a time machine. Do you get rich? Interfere with history? Or … Continue reading

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