Episode 337 : Merlin Predicted Brexit

We’ve got a nice grab bag tonight, folks! Some movies, a little video games, some soul searching, a little music, a little comics, a little linguistics, and more than one question! Enjoy!



Santana’s 2017 world tour is called ‘Transmogrify’ – was that name inspired by and/or sponsored by TMTH? –Beth

What are your main similarities and differences with the other enquiring servant of the hat? –Jas


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2 Responses to Episode 337 : Merlin Predicted Brexit

  1. Beth says:

    Tony – Iowa divorce law will take into account all the assets the two of you have accumulated since getting married, then divides them “equitably” (note, this is not the same as “equally”). I think you’ve said this on the podcast before, but I seem to recall that The Producer out-earns you. My guess (having seen two couples recently go through this), The Producer may keep her retirement account in tact, but you’d probably get the house. If she out-earns you by enough, you may be able to win alimony. Also, the cost of getting divorced will likely wipe out your current cash reserves. Bottom line: stay married, it’s way cheaper (but not if staying married is so miserable you may be tempted to murder your spouse, because you’ll probably get caught. As William said, there’s good statistical reasoning that the first suspect in homicides is the spouse.)

  2. Craig says:

    Tony – you wanted sci-fi book suggestions. I’ve not read it yet (it’s in my to read pile) but Binti by Nnedi Okorafor is meant to be really good.

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