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Episode 281 : Punched in the Junk

Part 1 of 2. We play a little catch up this week. Tony had a lot going on. Then Stu ruins everything, and Tony is forced to fulfill a promise. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Were you in charge of immigration, what limits … Continue reading

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Episode 280 : Shark Exorcist

It’s a catch up episode, so we talk movies, gaming, other gaming, TV, etc. You know the drill. But then we move onto the really important stuff…. Kitty Voltron! Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: * indicates that question is abridged *Every car … Continue reading

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Episode 279 : Mystery Episode 31

I’m really starting to think you all like the evil William and Tony better than us! At least, it seems like there’s more of these popping up over time. All as the Hat wills, I guess. Enjoy! Play … Continue reading

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Episode 278 : Disgusting Hat

Tonight, we catch up on a lot of TV and gaming. Then Craig ruins everything, and makes us mad. Then we’re mad. Don’t worry, not at each other. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: What was the last thing that disgusted you? –Craig   … Continue reading

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