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Episode 316 : This I Plomise You

Lots of media, but also a little politics. Nothing scary, though, just little stuff. Mostly. And a lot of talk about trust and honesty. You’ll like it, I plomise. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: Dear hat… Do you think all the Alt … Continue reading

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Episode 315 : Dry Food Gives You Cancer

This week, we talk about dumb stuff. Or, more accurately, how stuff is dumb. Dumb movies, dumb games, dumb governmental procedures. There’s a lot of dumb out there, and it’s time we started talking about it! Enjoy! QUESTIONS: What’s the … Continue reading

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Episode 314 : Stuck in the Hat-Zone

Tony’s on drugs! Exciting drugs! There’s a little politics in here, but not much. Otherwise, it’s mostly the usual. Oh, and Addie’s fine, don’t worry. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: When was the last time you heard your own heartbeat? –Cawfee What directors do … Continue reading

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Episode 313 : Stuffed Crust Pizza

Television, vivisection, and love! What more could you ask for? Does anyone even read these descriptions? Also, Tony is just coming off of being really sick, so lots of coughs and sniffles. Sorry. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: What is it that … Continue reading

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Episode 312 : The Fluffy Knight

Pretty usual stuff tonight. A lot of TV, movies, and video games. Like usual. Also a lot about superheroes, but this time, it’s not our fault. And then the Producer overshares in the sexiest of ways. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: You get … Continue reading

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