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Episode 24 : The Balcony is Open!

Okay, so we saw a lot of movies this week.  None of them in the theater, but still, quite a few.  So maybe we got a little carried away with that.  But come on… don’t you want to know what … Continue reading

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Episode 23 : A Very Special Episode…

UPDATE:  I just discovered I put the intro and outro both in the top of the show.  But I’m too lazy to fix it.  The rest of the episode is gold, so deal.  😉   We’re serious now, people.  We … Continue reading

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Episode 22 : Picture this…

“Okay, so imagine there’s these two guys, right?  And they find a hat.”   “That’s it?”   “Nonono!  The hat’s magic!”   “Like, it grants wishes?”   “No, it… um… it checks its own email.  Then spits out the email … Continue reading

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Episode 21 : Mule-Child, never meant to be…

Despite grave illness, we push on through to give you the best episode yet, with frank discussions of the latest crappy movies we haven’t seen, the finer points of badminton, and we uncover the deep, dark truth about… Canadians.   … Continue reading

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