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Episode 203 : Lou Ferrigno as Uncle Bobby

It’s desert island time! Everyone loves desert island time! Also, some talk about TV and movies. Actually, most of the talk is that. But also desert island time. Not dessert. Desert. And Gilbert Godfried. Enjoy! QUESTIONS: Desert island time — … Continue reading

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Episode 202 : Evolutionary Psychology

Part two from last week. A lot of things make Tony and William angry this time… but then they deal with it by having a fight to the death! Are you not entertained?!? Enjoy! QUESTIONS: What was the last movie … Continue reading

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Episode 201 : Morbidly Fat Jesus

Well, we had to start over, because Ezzie killed the first take. So this was take two. Tony had a good day! But a bad week. So… it’s complicated. You’ll hear all about it. Then there’s a lot of time-travel. … Continue reading

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Episode 200 : Disturbingly Less Improbable Than You Would Like

200 freaking episodes! Can you believe it? We have the Producer on with us to give us a metaphorical pinch, to make sure we’re not dreaming. Then we talk about what a bad pirate Tony is, and all the terrible … Continue reading

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Episode 199 : Mystery Episode 19 PLUS!

Happy New Year! We’ve got a special treat for you this week, because the computer is acting up! We managed to record about 34 minutes of clipped, jerky conversation before everything exploded. So we’re posting a Mystery Episode, in its … Continue reading

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