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Episode 346 : Not So Spooktacular

This is, technically, our Halloween episode. Only we forgot that until after we’d finished recording. Still, Tony’s nauseated and William talks about monster movies, so that’s close, right? Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: Why do you think vinyl still has a following?  –Craig … Continue reading

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Episode 345 : It’s Pronounced “Fambly”

Tonight, we solve climate change! And Tony gives sage advice that everyone should heed. Also, lots and lots of literary criticism. And secret fantasies. It’s really just a heck of an episode, folks. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: In this “post-factual” world, … Continue reading

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Episode 344 : And Here’s Hell!

Tony has exciting news! And then we have the usual weekly breakdown of media. And then it’s hot dogs and AI, all the way down. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: Hotdogs, Ketchup? –Azuretalon Is Googles deepmind AI just proto skynet? –Craig … Continue reading

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Episode 343 : No One Else is Named Chris

Tony opens with the funniest joke in the world, courtesy of Eugene Mirman. Also, William saw The Room. That’s basically all you need to know. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: If you could receive a true answer to one question, what would … Continue reading

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