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My new favorite day!

Today, the US Supreme Court approved the legality of gay marriage.   As most (all?) of you (should?) know, Tony and William feel strongly about this issue. This is a wonderful, incredible day, and I can’t stop crying with happiness. … Continue reading

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Four more years! Four more years!

Four years ago, today, William and Tony decided to start a podcast. About a hat with its own email address. They posted it on a Thursday. And they’ve posted it every Thursday since.   Even typing those words, I still … Continue reading

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The Producer found this. It’s a science-fiction film, about 15 minutes long. Don’t read the premise or anything, just watch the movie. It’s… very cool.    

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Pizza Cats?

The Producer found this link, and sent it to me.   I think it may be the single greatest thing I’ve experienced in my life. Watch all the videos, trust me!  

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We made the news! For reals!

As promised, local newspaper reporter Max Freund wrote us up in today’s paper! I haven’t had a chance to see what (if anything) is in the physical paper, but it’s on their website. Complete with a video (in which Tony … Continue reading

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