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Episode 324 : God Says No Shoes

Tonight is part one of two. We explore our core beliefs and principles. What do we believe? Why do we believe it? Why wasn’t that chimp funnier? Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: What superstitions do you have? Which have more authority over … Continue reading

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Episode 323 : Free Ranch Dressing

We cover a lot of ground this episode. Some of it interesting! Movies, TV, video games, honor, kittens, YouTube, pizza, loyalty, and dicks. Yup, you heard right. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: What is your personal code of honor? –Cawfee Play … Continue reading

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Episode 322 : Emperor of the Galaxy or Something

We have some major technical difficulties in the middle of this episode, folks. Not from the computer, or the mixer… from the Hat itself! Only you can help. By writing the Hat with more questions. Otherwise, it’s your pretty standard … Continue reading

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Episode 321 : Just Passed Thunderdome

Catch up tonight. Lots of media dump. But also some deep moral questions, and the truth about bratwurst that THEY don’t want you to know. Enjoy!   QUESTIONS: Hey Hat, I have a question that seems to be at the … Continue reading

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