Episode 357 : The Quest for Pizza Sammich

We’ve got a special treat for you tonight, Hatlings! No William! Well, that’s not the treat itself. The treat is that the Producer is taking his place this week. So if you thought we sounded like an old married couple before, wait until you hear an actual old married couple! Enjoy!


*indicates question was abridged


*Is the justice system really fair when people can just buy the best lawyers if they have enough money? –Beth



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Episode 356 : The Good, the Bad, and the Star Wars

We haven’t seen each other in three weeks! So it’s a lot of media catch up. Movies mostly, some video games. We cover it all. Enjoy!


Okay smart guys, Figure out if a hot dog is a sandwich. –You know it’s Azuretalon


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Episode 355 : Mystery Episode 41

Podcasting cancelled, due to inclement weather.


Luckily, it’s *always* sunny  in the Evil Universe!

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Episode 354 : Merry Christmas Hail Satan

Part 2 of 2. Nothing much new here, but we get into questions pretty quick. Okay, there’s a little more talk about poop. But not much! Also, Tony once again tells the greatest joke ever. And we see how many people we can offend on Facebook! Enjoy!



Has Tony’s house stayed clean/organized since his neighbors cleaned it? Why or why not? –Anon

What is one of the nicest things that somebody has ever done for you? –Jas


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Episode 353 : Shut up, Matt Damon!

We talk a little bit tonight about movies and TV and such, but honestly, we get into the questions pretty quick this week. So hopefully you’ll like that. This is part 1 of 2, since next week Tony will be traveling. Enjoy!


When you’ve been away from the gym for a while how do you get that motivation back?  –Craig

Given the choice of anyone in the world, currently alive, whom would you want as a dinner guest? What would be the first topic of conversation? –Cawfee


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Episode 352 : A Story About Watching Ghosts

This week is a very spooooky episode! Not because we talk ghost stories (we do) or because William saw the latest Spiderman (he did, but it’s unrelated). No, it’s spooky because one of our listeners suggests we change our premise! Shun the unbeliever! Shuuuuuuuuuunnnnn! Enjoy!



Have you ever considered changing the premise of the show? –Craig


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Episode 351 : Loch Ness Monster

We’re back! Yes, there’s still some talk of Tony’s book, but it’s more approachable and shorter, so don’t worry. Also some catch up on movies and video games. But most important of all, we reveal the true identity of the Loch Ness Monster! Enjoy!



William, In terms of RPGs, you’ve mostly mentioned playing indie games, have you played D&D at all?  –Craig


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Episode 350 : Turkeys Are Creepy

Part 2 of 2! We pick up where we left off, and William talks a great deal about movies he’s already seen, and a movie he hasn’t yet seen, though by now he has. Also, feminism, but not much. Mostly superheroes. Enjoy!



What do you think will be the end of the current superhero franchises?  –Craig


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Episode 349 : Basically, Oddwings

This episode, we mostly talk about Tony’s book. William read it and edited it, so we can finally talk about it! And we do. At length. Plus a little other stuff, but mostly that. So, hopefully you’re into that. Also, this is part 1 of 2, because Thanksgiving. Enjoy!


What do you think of the trend towards Ajay’s listening devices such as that Amazon Alex device?  –Craig


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Episode 348 : Mystery Episode 40

I was driving down a dark highway, late at night, when I deer jumped out! I swerved to avoid it, but I hit this Mystery Episode instead. Enjoy!


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