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Episode 33 : Halloween Spooktacular

Yes, this is an extremely spooky episode of the Hat!  We discuss the successes and failures of the Disney/Pixar machine, a bit about a satirist that we really don’t know very well, and Tony tells a very, very spooky story, … Continue reading

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Episode 32 : Vomit Goblins!

We cover five questions from the Hat, children!  Five whole questions!   Can you stand it?   Also, an elaborate and complex discussion of superhero (and supervillain) powers.  What would *you* choose?   LINKS:   We talk about Sherlock,  Fragile … Continue reading

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Episode 31 : Legalize it! Not, not that! The other one!

Something weird happened tonight.  We actually had an interesting discussion about a serious topic.  William even thinks it might be “controversial.” Gasp!   But don’t worry, we bracket that with laundry and dessert.   LINKS: I wrote them down this … Continue reading

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Episode 30 : Homophobes make the best coffee!

It’s our pearl weekiversary!   There’s some serious confessions and opening up.  We unburden our souls here, and bring up some deep stuff.  It’s not easy for people to admit to their own prejudices, so don’t laugh.  This whole episode, … Continue reading

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