Episode 334 : AppleToons

Part two. This one is all about how much Tony is sick of straight white males, and about music, and about marriages, for some reason. And… tequila? I dunno. Something like that. Enjoy!



What do you value most in a friendship? –Cawfee


Here’s what we watched in between episodes.


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One Response to Episode 334 : AppleToons

  1. Mark says:

    The best free therapy that money can’t buy!

    Virginia Beach and Iowa State Fair: Hope those were fun for both of you!

    Apocalyptic Tequila: Yup, Cuervo knows what’s up.

    White Men in Entertainment: Huh, never really thought about it. But after William started talking about specifically avoiding shows with yet another straight, white guy; I realized that I too have been watching more stuff without that as those shows just aren’t interesting to me any longer.

    Liz Phair: I vaguely recall the name but couldn’t tell you a single song by her at all.

    Apple Tunes: Wheeeeeeee.

    Kermit: William, you’re not the only person I know who feels this way.

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