Episode 215 : Cable Gru

A lot of catch up this week, on movies and books and such. William waxes poetic about his crush on Kate Mulgrew. And then we rip into modern news channels, because we like easy targets. It’s part 1 of 2. Enjoy!


What do you think about the fact that Fox News is apparently the most trusted news source in the USA?  –Craig


This is AX COP.


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One Response to Episode 215 : Cable Gru

  1. Mark says:

    Oh we noticed that this is show is a mix/mash-up of old PBS shows; we just weren’t going to be the first to bring it up.

    Questions to TMTH: Hey, I’m not even caught up to listening and I’ve been submitting questions of late, including one this very night (06/02/2015).

    Setting off your own car’s “panic mode”: I hate it when I do that. When replaced my wife’s care it took me something around two weeks before I could bend over without triggering the panic mode. *sigh*

    I’m with Tony, I initially heard Cable Gru.

    Greenlight affect: Wow that sounds moronically brilliant!

    And the drive for my trip made me sleepy, so that’s enough comments from one night.

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