Episode 178 : Coconut Milk Ice Cream

It’s a continuation of last week, people. That means Tony’s voice is still crap. Also, it’s still an episode, so William still talks about Batman. But then, it’s all about travel…all kinds of travel.  Also, Tony tells William he’s full of crap. Enjoy!



Is the successful launch and docking of SpaceX’s Dragon module with the ISS the beginning of the commercial takeover of the US space program? And if so, is that a bad thing? — Mark McKibben

Dear Tony and William, Assuming money is no objection, what would your ideal vacation be (I hear Tahiti is quite the magical place)? — Mark McKibben


This and this are the two songs we listened to, in between last week’s episode and this week’s.

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6 Responses to Episode 178 : Coconut Milk Ice Cream

  1. jas says:

    I actually think that the commercials in which kids insult parents, or kids are told “ask your parents” are just as geared to parents (if not specifically geared to parents as the ones with the money).

    They are playing on the fear the parents have that the kids think (or will think) that the parents aren’t cool, or that the kids harbor resentment, or that the kids don’t really love them. Parents often don’t have a lot of time with their kids (’cause out earning money to buy stuff), and when they are with their kids, they’re exhausted or they’re focused on the other stuff they’ve bought to distract themselves (the parents), so the fear has a basis in reality (the distance between parent/child) but of course buying stuff doesn’t bridge the gap, it only contributes to the vicious cycle which requires more stuff be bought.

  2. jas says:

    Downside of privatizing space exploration:

    Profit ahead of safety (of consumers, of workers).

    Profit in space exploration to be had primarily in military uses (which to be honest, was one of the darker sides of the 60s space race)–but I think in private use might be even more of an influence.

  3. Beth says:

    I always judged the healthiness of a breakfast cereal based on how many other items were required to make it “part of this complete breakfast”. If it was just the cereal, milk, and a glass of juice, that was a very good cereal (I think Raisin Bran meets this requirement), a pretty good cereal was one that had some fruit in the cereal as an add on (Cheerios shown with berries, Cinnamon Life shown with blueberries). Cereals that probably no one should eat were the ones that showed a complete breakfast when the cereal was removed from the picture, just like you guys said. We did not eat those cereals at my house. The closest to “kid” cereals we got were Cinnamon Life or generic Honey Nut Cheerios.

    Side note: my first grade teacher pulled me aside one day to ask if I was eating a healthy breakfast before I came to school. Since I always ate cereal for breakfast, I responded yes. She then proceeded to list what items my breakfast should include (piece of toast, piece of fruit, bowl of oatmeal, glass of juice, glass of milk, and possibly a few other items), after the list, I was forced to answer negatively that I didn’t eat all that for breakfast, and proceeded to feel somewhat sick to my stomach at the thought of consuming ALL of that for breakfast on a daily basis as a 6 year old. That nun didn’t like me.

  4. SirGuido says:

    I like the videos! I must apologize for my lack of responses lately. I was preparing for GenCon and have fallen behind on podcasts. I JUST listened to this one this morning. I’m catching up though!

  5. SirGuido says:

    I like the videos! I must apologize for my lack of responses lately. I was preparing for GenCon and have fallen behind on podcasts. I JUST listened to this one this morning. I’m catching up though!

    Hmm WordPress doesn’t like this comment.

  6. Mark says:

    Reusing old “the only podcast” bits: If I wasn’t just catching up; I’d be really tempted to go back and listen to old episodes to compile a list of what bits have been used (and to what questions have been asked on the really old ones).

    Ad Exec from the past, seeing today’s commercials: I think it’s more likely that the Ad Exec would see it and say that’s genius!

    Lost wife: Wow, just wow.

    Rush to get to Mars: Just remember, meteriods are the universe’s way of asking; how’s that space program coming.

    NASA can just buy a ticket: That’s assuming NASA can afford the fees the corporations will charge once they take control of space.

    Space corporations will do stuff people want: They’ll also be likely to do research & manufacturing in space that they just can’t do on Earth. Either due to the benefits of microgravity or the benefits of inspectors not being able to sneak up on them.

    Space elevators: *sigh* I wish we had these now.

    William’s naivety is cute; I’ve not seen William recently enough to decide if his appearance is cute.

    Coconut: No more people dislike the wretched vegetable that is the beet. And Tony’s correct in that many people who don’t care for coconut don’t care for it specifically because of the texture.

    So Delicious: No, if it was primarily made of Sod; they would likely call it Sodding Delicous.

    Hate/Like Ezzie: I decline to acquiesce to your desire to know if I prefer Ezzie to either of you.

    Tahiti: HA!

    Vacation William: Geneology, actually that’s a reasonable idea.

    Vacation Tony: Japan is a wonderful country to visit. For me half the fun involved getting away from the major cities; though that does require you to either speak/read Japanese or to have somebody with you who can translate for you.

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