Episode 179 : Audiobooks for the Deaf

Lots to catch up on! State Fairs, movies, and some video games. And Tony tells the world how much he weighs! Get your bets in now, before you listen! Then a talk about the virtual nature of modern possessions takes a decidedly Hat-like turn. Enjoy!



How has your relationship with you “stuff” changed as more “stuff has become virtual?  — The Producer


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10 Responses to Episode 179 : Audiobooks for the Deaf

  1. William says:

    I think this is the website Ms. Dallen talked about: librivox.org

  2. jas says:

    I saw Guardians too and really liked it a lot. I liked it for many of the reasons you both talked about. Though I don’t think I’d describe James Gunn’s voice (at least in this movie) as cynical humor. Actually there was something just the opposite of cynicism which made the movie really enjoyable for me.

    The music, if I were talking about separately from the movie, would be mixed for me. Most of it is not my kind of music–with the big exception of The Runaways! But now, I actually can’t remember whether I liked “Hooked on a Feeling” much before the movie or not. It just got so ingrained to the mood of the whole thing and starts playing in my head whenever I think of the movie.

    Also, really, really liked the way the lack of romance was handled.

    I might be being optimistic but I kind of thought enough was hinted at that Gamora and Nebula’s back story might become the big central plot of a sequel, so I was forgiving that those characters were underused.

  3. jas says:

    I recently listened to a radio-play version of Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere” and it was fantastic. Great vocal acting and music, sound effects, etc. Got it off of audible.

    Also I attended a reading of staged radio plays all of which were Victorian detective themed, and one of them was based on a series of short stories by the Baroness Orczy (the author of The Scarlet Pimpernal [which it goes without saying is one of my favorite books]). So her detective was Lady Molly Robertson-Kirk, from the “Female Department of Scotland Yard!” The stories were written in 1910! Had never heard of them before. Oh, and like Sherlock Holmes, Lady Molly has an assistant, Mary Granard, who narrates all the stories (and is astonished at Lady Molly’s ability to read clues that no one else notices).

  4. jas says:

    I am in complete support of your Sin City boycott and will attempt to popularize and East Coast chapter here.

  5. SirGuido says:

    I’m a child in need, please provide me with a podcast.

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