Episode 177 : Bat Manday

We’ve got jokes tonight, people! Good jokes, bad jokes, dirty jokes, clean jokes? You got an old family joke? We probably tell it here. But the biggest joke is Tony’s voice tonight! Enjoy!


Dear Dissonant and Confused Forced Voices of the Magical Talking Hat, What is your favorite joke? — Azuretalon!!!


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3 Responses to Episode 177 : Bat Manday

  1. Beth says:

    Tony, I also have an Aunt “George”!

  2. Mark says:

    Aunt George: Nope, don’t recall that being mentioned before. I do have an aunt & uncle that for reasons I don’t recall have been known to frequently mix up their names (Aunt Bob & Uncle Phyllis).

    Wet cat tail: Yuck. Our cat has recently been known to climb on the bathroom sink while I’m brushing my teeth and swishes his tail around. Getting it wet in the sink and then smacking me with it.

    Recording with vodka: Why not record with William and vodka?

    Favorite jokes: Tony’s joke was worse than William’s and William’s wasn’t very good.

    Bob & the Pope joke: That’s a great joke!

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