Episode 342 : You Don’t Know Voltron!

A lot of media tonight. A lot of sad confessions. Mostly by Tony, about William, as usual. There may be bonus Producer sounds in the back, I’m not sure. Tony is still on medication brain. Enjoy!

*indicates a question was abbreviated


*The plots to modern blockbusters are too complicated/”epic.” Discuss. –Stu


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2 Responses to Episode 342 : You Don’t Know Voltron!

  1. Azuretalon says:

    You are wrong that you are the only not voltron show to talk that much about Voltron. I talk about Voltron a lot on Tooning Japanese. We’ll blame the medication. William, Voltron: Legendary Defender is really good.

  2. Mark says:

    I wouldn’t object to watching a film from Bangladesh, but I’ve no interest in horror films. So I don’t expect that I’d ever watch this.

    Language Voltron: I’ve never heard of this sort of nonsense, but I’m familiar with Voltron.

    Japanimation: Actually some of us were introduced via Robotech rather than Star Blazers or Voltron. Additionally, I don’t know anybody who watched those shows when they were airing and called them Japanimation; we just thought of them as cartoons. It wasn’t until later (I think mid 90s) that I started being aware of anime as its own thing.

    I think one or both of you might have been higher than expected

    Enthusiastic/useless servants: Are you enthusiastic to be servants (and just happen to be useless) or are you useless in enthusiasm?

    The Orville: Yup, we’ve watched a couple episodes too. We didn’t find it horrible but haven’t felt the urge to watch any more of it.

    Wesley Crusher: I can’t ever remember liking Wesley and it took years of listening/reading Wil Wheaton to realize it was 90% jealousy over Wesley getting to be there and do those things and 10% hating how terrible the character was written.

    ST:TNG: We’ve been slowly re-watching the series when we don’t feel like anything else and my biggest realization that had never occurred to me before was that all the ship walls were just cubicle partitions/walls.

    Kingsmen: *shudder* No, just no. I enjoyed a chunk of the first one, but the end of it ruined it for me. Nothing about the sequel looks interesting to me.

    Jekyll: Yup, that was really good and the main actor was James Nesbitt.

    Spoiling Treasure Island: How dare … eh, I was going to try cracking a joke about this but just couldn’t work up the will to do so.

    The Room: Why wouldn’t you expect them to be upset with you for introducing them to this cinematic garbage? Also, it’s likely this movie will make William feel hate for the first time.

    Tomb Raider Trailer: Thanks for the question Producer! Having only recently finished playing Rise of the Tomb Raider, this trailer looks like a blend of the Rise of the Tomb Raider & Tomb Raider (2013) games and it looks like it might not suck. And while I have enjoyed seeing Nick Frost in many films; he’s starting to become the Wilhelm scream for me, which is to say if I can spot him it’s likely to annoy me.

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