Episode 341 : You Made That Crown Cleepy!

Tony was very enthusiastic this episode. He tells the tale of his hellish fortnight, and the reasons behind last week’s Mystery Episode. Then we trash a couple supremely beloved writers. We had a lot of fun this week, but basically, you’re all going to love it or hate it. Enjoy!



What is the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel? –Neuroduck


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2 Responses to Episode 341 : You Made That Crown Cleepy!

  1. Azuretalon says:

    There was definitely people doing random “lines” for Birdemic. My mom was laughing so hard she was crying at the profanity I was spouting at that movie.

    I think the IT orgy was about becoming adults, so yeah, sexist to use Bev for manhood. Also beyond sexist and perverse, it was just boring and stupid.

    And a way belated comment, we almost did use Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” for our first dance at our wedding.

  2. Mark says:

    Coke Zero: Meh, I know people who care but I’m not one of them. All diet sodas leave a terrible chemical aftertaste in my mouth. Also, according to Coke’s website, the change was a tweak to the blend of artificial sweeteners.

    “E.-something servants”: Have you considered you’re the Entertaining servants? Likely not entertaining to TMTH but to your listeners? Or maybe the reverse?

    Sorry to hear that the Producer was having massive stress, hope things are better now.

    Neil Gaiman: He seems like a nice guy and I know plenty of people who go nuts for his work, but I’ve never understood why. Some of it’s interesting (i.e. Neverwhere) but it’s never blown me away unlike most people I know.

    The Disaster Artist: I don’t understand the fascination with The Room or see the need for this new film mocking (?) the original one. Heck, Sharknado seems more interesting to me than The Room/Disaster Artist.

    IT: Nope, nope, nope. I don’t mind some of Stephen King’s work but not this one.

    Heinlein: I enjoy a lot of Heinlein’s works but I don’t know that I would call them must-reads for anybody.

    Crown Cleepy: Wow, my brain automatically rewrote the show title to be Clown Creepy and it wasn’t until Tony flubbed saying it that I could see that it was Crown Cleepy. Brains are weird.

    Overcoming fear through violent anger? Wow that pretty much makes 45 the embodiment of the dark side. “”Fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.””

    Not responding to people: I totally get that feeling.

    Comic book vs graphic novel: So you don’t count trade paperbacks (collecting multiple issues of a comic book) as graphic novels? Huh, I’ve always included those. The more you know!

    Comic strips: William, I strongly disagree that this art form is dying. It’s just evolving away from being printed in the newpaper. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of comic strips being produced daily but they’ve moved online as webcomics.

    Sin City (movie, never read the comic): Visually, wow I liked it very much. Storywise, good god no.

    Batman movies: Nope, sorry. I gave up on these after the Dark Knight. Too dark and dull for my tastes.

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