Episode 338 : Taco Bell’s Canyon

This week we’ve got a little bit on the hurricane, a bit on an old TV show, a bit on a new movie, ramble for a while about games, and then, in a move that shocked everyone, we actually give what could be considered useful advice! Enjoy!



In your entire life, what was the worst game you’ve ever played from start to end, and what was the best game you’ve ever played from start to end? –Dave of Id

Wedding music — any do’s and don’ts? –Craig


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4 Responses to Episode 338 : Taco Bell’s Canyon

  1. William says:

    By the way… my friend in Houston… the family is back in their own house and they have power… no damage to any of their property. Aside from the uncle and cousins, all other family members seem to have avoided property damage as well.

  2. Beth says:

    We did have a string quartet at our ceremony, it was a group of med students who performed on the side, they did a great job and were well priced. We also had my husband’s aunt perform one song (at our request), which gave us a chance to thank our parents and take in the room full of people who had come to support us, though I will agree that it did last longer than it probably needed to.

    For the reception, we had a DJ, who played theme songs from different movies/TV shows that we’d requested during happy hour and dinner (biggest wedding day regret is that family pictures took SO long that we missed all of happy hour and as a result, most of the songs we had requested). Our DJ had a good feel for the type of music we wanted during the dancing portion of the reception, and our dance floor was full the whole time. We danced and mingled through most of the reception, usually with various relatives or in a group, but as it turns out, we weren’t together all that much during the reception. We both had a great time (moreso than most brides and grooms seem to when attached at the hip all night), but it would have been good if we were together a little more often during the reception. Oh well, we’ve got the rest of our lives to spend together, now!

  3. Craig says:

    Yes, I am getting married in April next year and am in the process of planning it hence the question. We’re leaning towards a DJ for the reception as opposed to a live band though we also have a surprise for music during the ceremony.

  4. Mark says:

    Tots for Toys vs. Toys for Tots: Heh.

    EEEEEEEEE servants or EEEEE servants?

    Transmogrified: I’ve added the Merriam & Webster definition to my comment on Episode 337.

    Fargo: I remember liking the movie, but haven’t seen any of the TV show.

    Legion: Not seen it, not heard anything that makes me want to see it, at least until Tony said Saïd Taghmaoui (Wonder Woman’s Sameer) would be in it. Unfortunately it appears the actor has left the show; so I guess I’ll stick with skipping it.

    Death Note: Meh, the concept sounds interesting but nothing I’ve seen of the anime interested me.

    The Last Airbender (movie): *shudder* I’m so glad I never saw this.

    Worst RPGs: Immortal, fun concept worst rulebook I’ve ever seen in editing, organization, and typesetting (i.e. some pages had dark grey text on light grey background).

    Favorite Video Game: Yup, Mass Effect was an excellent series. I torn between ME2 & ME3 being better and I know many people hate the ending of ME3, but it never bothered me. ME:A is also fun, but so failed on the early promises EA made for it.

    Best RPG: Hmm, not sure. I’ve played a lot of different systems but rarely have I played strictly according to the rules of any given system. Lately I’m partial towards the Fate system, of which both the Atomic Robo & Dresden Files Accelerated look particularly interesting.

    No opinion is still an opinion; just not a very helpful one. ^_^

    Wedding Music: Music during the ceremony, yes (bagpipes work nice for this) but not special music where the wedding party just stands there waiting for the wedding to continue. Lengthy reception afterwards with music/dancing, no (to the point where we didn’t have a dance at our wedding reception). Also, Craig might have gotten stuck going to a wedding or multiple weddings that had different amounts of music and wanted your opinions on it. My wife has dragged me to around a dozen different weddings for various members of her family. Tony’s wedding was very nice.

    You’re being very smurfy Williamy about this saying.

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