Episode 273 : Brazilian Leona Helmsley

A lot of hypotheticals tonight, folks. But who cares about that, there’s a new member of the family! Said new member spends a lot of time messing with things, and threatening to derail the whole podcast. Enjoy!


As a comedy write-in, who would you put down on the ballot for President? –Stu

If reality were an RPG of your choosing, what class would you be? –Stu

If the work is over and all is said and done, what did you spend more time doing — work, or talk? –Cawfee


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6 Responses to Episode 273 : Brazilian Leona Helmsley

  1. jas says:

    Tony talking about the horror movie that centered on a broadcast from a tv show reminded me of Ponty Pool–which I really recommend.

    Oklahoma–my association is poor white people getting screwed by legislation which keeps taking money away from them and focuses on extremely far-right social issues (impeach Obama, bathroom laws, criminalizing abortion).

    RPG–I never chose a healer because too much responsibility under pressure. Yeah, the raid failed because this @#$% healer doesn’t know what they’re doing–nope couldn’t take that.

    Can we see pictures of the kitties? That pounce at the end was hysterical.

  2. Stuart says:

    Funnily enough, when you say Oklahoma, I hear “tornadoes”. Not sure what to make of the OK = Wales comparison 🙂

    I’m not sure which RPG I’d like. I gravitate towards cyberpunk I guess, although as Tony remarked, the world is often dystopian, so perhaps it’s not such a good idea. Maybe picking a Sci Fi setting in general would have been a better question. Suspect I’d be some sort of damage class. Love being a caster, but god damn, it was so much fun being an assassination rogue in WoW and watching telephone numbers appear above your head. Until you had to re-spec to grind-o-Raiding build and it all got spectacularly boring. But then, I’m the helpful, introverted sort, so this is all hopelessly theoretical in nature. My actual class would probably be business analyst.

    • Beth says:

      Stu, I’m watching an episode of West Wing and the overall problem of this episode is a tornado hit Oklahoma.

  3. Stuart says:

    As a complete aside, I tend to shorten bookmarks on the Chrome toolbar so that I can get loads of them on there. This site is “TMTH”.

    I realized this morning that my brain is swapping the letters to TMHT, or Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (as they were called in the UK), and the theme tune pops into my head. I wasn’t actually conscious of it until moments ago, so felt the need to point it out here.

  4. Mark says:

    Wait, wait, wait, you’ve got access to a camera (even if just a smartphone); you’ve got a website; you’ve got a new kitten and there aren’t any pictures? What’s wrong with you?

    World traveling in the book? Call me interested and willing to be a beta reader if you need one.

    Comedy write-in: The problem I’m having with coming up with a funny write-in is with Trump not only running, but doing better than anybody expected makes me worried that anybody I think of will actually try to run.

    RPG: Given my choice, I’d pick some flavor of magic user, likely with some sort of ranged damage specialty.

    Pounce Da Mixa is my new rap name.

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