Episode 267 : Yes, that’s the right number

William drops the ball on this one. And gets his hopes up! And tells us all about a game that he can’t tell us about. Tony says some things too. Enjoy!


You’ve been kidnapped. You can call on all the characters from one television show to make a rescue attempt. Which show do you pick?  –Cawfee


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8 Responses to Episode 267 : Yes, that’s the right number

  1. jas says:

    Humans is really, really good. I had my students watch a couple of episodes for class and I know several of them got hooked and binge watched the rest.

    A game set in 19th century London? Hmm, good thing you know a Victorianist 🙂

    I had heard some of those things about Zootopia. I really want to see it, but may be waiting now til it’s out on DVD. Did see “April and the Enchanted World” which was very good. The more accurate translation of the title (which is what the subtitles told me when I watched) is “April and the Twisted World”–I guess they thought that wouldn’t sell as well? The movie is a bit dark and I think that’s a better title. It definitely has that feel of the 19th century–Science can do anything! (But also, maybe that’s not always such a good thing.)

  2. jas says:

    Once Upon a Time’s been in the news recently because there was same sex romance storyline (playing on the “true love’s kiss” theme), and some people are up in arms because it’s “supposed to be a family show” (yada yada yada).

  3. Stuart says:

    So, Zootopia sounds like a Red Box rental, then.

    I can’t believe I watch Once Upon a Time.

  4. Mark says:

    Probably won’t explode? Now I want to listen to the two of you play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

    Dav of Id’s Game: Well after that build up, I’d be very interested to hear more (or join the play-test)! 🙂

    The Book of Tony: Good luck with that!

    Zootopia: I had a great time watching that movie, but my wife was bored.

    Kidnapper/Rescue Team: My first thought was the A-Team but I think Leverage would be more fun.

    Elementary: We’ve recently started giving this a second chance as it’s appeared on Hulu.

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