Episode 266 : Hat Don’t Talk

Lots of media this week! But both of us also roleplayed, so that’s fun, right? And we face off against an old nemesis in the form of a question. Enjoy!

* indicates a question was abridged

*I have yet to hear the hat actually talk. Isn’t it more of a magical teleportation portal or receptacle hat? –Anonymous

What is your Myers Briggs personality type? Both of you — tiny and William lol! I mean tony not tiny –Anonymous


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5 Responses to Episode 266 : Hat Don’t Talk

  1. William says:

    Oops… I misspoke… the playing in public thing was this past weekend… sorry about that!

  2. William says:

    We watched Wynonna Earp this evening, and I’m pretty sure Purgatory is a town somewhere in western Canada.

    I don’t know if Wyatt Earp was ever in Canada, but I think he was in Seattle for a while. And, as far as I know, he never had offspring.

    I’m surprised I didn’t mention this on the podcast, but the Earps lived in Pella, Iowa for a while, which is in Marion County, the county I grew up in. Pella is only a half-hour drive from my house. I think some of Wyatt’s siblings were even born in Pella.

    • William says:

      The third episode, by way of a map that’s referred to in one scene and also the mention of a “last spike” ceremony marking the completion of Canada’s first transcontinental railroad, does reveal that the fictional town of Purgatory is located in British Columbia, perhaps not far from the town of Craigellachie.

  3. William says:

    Looking at some Meyers-Briggs info right now…

    I’m pretty sure I’ve often tested as INFJ. But the “I” is usually not very strong, and I’ve even tested as barely “E” on some occasions (but, as I often say, taking other definitions of “introvert” into account, including Jung’s definitions, I’m definitely and squarely introverted… I think my score is low or even “E” sometimes on the test because I often behave in extroverted ways, and the test asks many questions about behavior, which I might answer more or less differently depending upon the day I take the test). As for the “N”, I recall scoring in that always over 80%, as high as 88% one time. I’m usually just barely an “F” and score “T” instead sometimes (because I don’t wholesale think in terms of “brain vs. heart”, a false dichotomy if there ever was one, and I think my answers on the test reflect that sentiment and vary according to my mood). “J” is usually less than 20%, but more than 10%, which means it’s stronger than either “I” or “F” ever are, but definitely not as strong as “N” (I think this reflects my desire to be adaptable, yet also reliable, preferring to err on the side of reliable — this might relate to stuff I’ve mentioned in the past about being “neutral good” as a default but “chaotic good” when I’m indignant… which, as I think about it right now, happens a whole lot more lately than it used to, so I wonder if I’d dip into “P” territory if I took the test today, or whenever I’m in that particular mood).

    All told though… I think INFJ does adequately express how I am in average circumstances. People who know me as a deep thinker or even as someone who over-thinks stuff and also, perhaps, as a person who doesn’t shy away from expressing hard truths, might be surprised by the “F” rather than “T”, but the “F” is always hovering only around 5%, and I think it adequately expresses my preoccupation with compassion and diplomacy even as I am also very much enamored with logic, empiricism, facts, and “getting to the bottom of things”.

    I guess that’s why the “Meyers-Briggs blobs” Tony talked about are important… a simple “INFJ” doesn’t seem to say it all.

  4. Mark says:

    An extra arm? Well that sounds handy….

    Peter’s doughnuts and a neck pillow?

    Does having a neck pillow count as being perhaps exceptionally equipped?

    I’m pretty sure auTony was sitting nearby trying not to cough his lungs out.

    Playing in Public (Star Wars): My wife and I have been enjoying the hell out of this! 🙂 I don’t really any seen where William was taking his character too serious. Also, the Brian who runs this Star Wars game is not the Bryon who plays in the other RPG group with Dan, Lisa, my wife, and I.

    Serialized Stories: Not sure I agree that TV is the best format for this; I prefer old radio shows (i.e. the Shadow) and some podcasts (e.g. Welcome to Night Vale or Black Jack Justice).

    FAQ About Time Travel: I can see the comparison but I this was much better than The World’s End. Also this came out after the I.T. Crowd, so I wouldn’t say Chris O’Dowd was unknown.

    Fallout4 DLC: Yeah, the gladiator nonsense of this DLC totally didn’t do a thing for me.

    Fallout4 Endings: Hated all of them, but pretty sure I’ve mentioned that before.

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