Episode 229 : Iowanati or IlluminIowa?

Lots to cover this time! Vacations, books, movies, battle maps. And a last minute surprise from Blue Claw that shows us what a small world state it can be. Enjoy!


Yo, Where battle mats are concerned, square grid or hex?                                                          –Azure….. wait for it….. talon


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3 Responses to Episode 229 : Iowanati or IlluminIowa?

  1. jas says:

    The Magicians Series! Did I mention it here sometime? I think I remember when reading it (about 6 months ago) that it was the kind of series Tony might find interesting. I had very similar reactions to the first novel. The second and third novels were better primarily for me because I found the main character unsympathetic in the first novel–better in the second, plus there’s more of a focus on other characters and their back stories. I really liked the way magic was treated with realism–the cost of power theme.

  2. jas says:

    Tim Blake Nelson is the actor William wanted to know the name of.

  3. Mark says:

    Storytelling thing: Too bad.

    Sleep studies: *ugh* That sounds awful, but comparable with all the experiences I’ve heard from other friends who’ve gotten one.

    The Magicians: I liked the first book, hatred the second enough that I’ve never finished it. I might have picked up the third at some point but haven’t read it. I’m kind of hoping my experience with the second book was more about the headspace I was in at the time.

    Avengers movies: The Hulk movie is at the bottom of my last; it was truly an abominable movie.

    Antman: I had fun watching this one but I can’t call it good. One of my big problems with the movie was I’m not familiar with this version if Antman. Rather the Antman I know is the where Dr Pym was Antman. It took me a out of the movie to sit there asking myself why Antman was having somebody else steal his suit.
    As for Tony’s comment about the science/physics of Antman being stupid; that’s a lane reason to dislike the movie. No superhero movie had a good scientific explanation for how the hero’s powers work. If you’d said these are some lame ass powers, then I’d agree with you. Antman has always struck me as a character somebody came up with either on a drunken bet or to get out if a creative rut.

    Fantastic Four: Well… .the heroes are dumb but they had some cool villains. Also it was my understanding they’re rebooting the F4 movies simply because the earlier movies sucked so very hard. And Tony’s comment about Doctor Doom is spot-fucking-on. Doom is an amazing character that keeps getting screwed over by the craptastic movies they keep putting him in.

    Battlemaps: Spheres actually makes sense, if you have some sort of electronic display which can be instantaneously updated.

    IlluminIowa might sound like an Iowa based hot-air balloon festival, but Iowanati sounds like an Iowa based fetish/kink convention. I leave it to your imagination which would be worse.

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