Episode 142 : Chat Talk

Happy Thanksgiving, all! We’re thankful for getting the soft drink you actually ordered, Michael Landon, Doctor Who, and our wonderful listeners! No big whoop. Enjoy!


Hat minions, If you asked for a cola and were served a Dr. Pepper, would that be acceptable to you? — Anon

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Dr Who season including the anniversary show? — Anon

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4 Responses to Episode 142 : Chat Talk

  1. jas says:

    We were celebrating Thanksgivinkah: the holiday upon which we give thanks for the miracle of the menurky that provided stuffing for 8 days.

    I made challah bread stuffing and pecan pie rugelach. 🙂

  2. jas says:

    My initial Dr. Who experience was a lot like Tony’s. I started watching the third Doctor and then he died and turned into the Fourth! Whoah….

    I kept watching through most of the Fifth. And then I’ve watched all the reboot.

    I liked the 50th anniversary quite a bit except that I continue to find the current companion a real disappointment, especially in comparison to how she was in the very first episode in which she appeared. The three doctor incarnations were very good, and the plot worked well to get at why they have had different characteristics.

  3. Beth says:

    I enjoyed William’s USSR story. The vending machine, old Coke, and Mrs. Cunningham combined to make this a William top 5 episode.

  4. Mark says:

    Woo, turkey day!

    36: Really? I didn’t realize you were younger than me. :p

    William’s childhood home: That’s kind of sad. Though I can relate to not having a lot of stuff as a kid; we moved every 5 years or so when I was young, so I picked up the habit of not collecting stuff. In my adult years, I’ve started to break myself of this habit.

    Tony’s idea for William’s family mafia movie: Really Nic Cage? I see William as more a Edward Norton or maybe a Gary Oldman.

    Also Tony’s right, it totally sounded like your Mom & Dad met as you were being born; which was pretty damn funny.

    William’s childhood: Actually parts of mine (and I’m only in my 30s) match up with parts of William’s. As kids, we too lived with my grandparents for a time in their farm house; though ours wasn’t that drafty and we didn’t stay long enough to experience winter at the farm. On the downside, we didn’t have A/C either and that was the summer I broke my leg (requiring a full-length plaster cast).

    Cola/Dr. Pepper: In some parts of the country, “coke” is the generic term of soda or pop; so maybe this question was a play on that? Hmm…..

    Clear Colas: I don’t recall ever seeing a clear Coke, though a quick google turned up a mention of something called Tab Clear. I, like Tony, remember kind of enjoying Crystal Pepsi.

    In Soviet Russia, the machines vend you! :p As a side note, William’s trip to Russia sounds much, much better than another friend of mine who went a few years ago.

    David Tennant was far too manic for my tastes. I totally thought I was going to hate Matt Smith and he completely surprised me. While I’m somewhat sad to see him go; I’m very interested to see the new guy.

    Yeah in the old days, it almost never comes up that the doctor regenerates into a new doctor every time he dies. And like Tony, I watched it on PBS when I was a kid. I started with Tom Baker and have fond memories of watching it. Though I think I basically gave it up when they switched to the fifth doctor and picked it up with the reboot. I think overall I enjoy the stories in the reboot much better than anything in the old days; but I would like to see a bit more science and less drama but *shrug*.

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