Episode 331 : The Lovewich

Art filled episode tonight. Yeah, it’s still TV, video games, and movies… but we get into the real artistic merits (or lack thereof) of each. Then we praise our wives. Then we crap all over everyone. Enjoy!



What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?  –Cawfee



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10 Responses to Episode 331 : The Lovewich

  1. jas says:

    Questions, exciting and new,
    Write in, the hat needs you.
    Answers, each week’s reward,
    Tune in, they’ll get back to you.

    The Looooovewich, new episodes every week,
    The Looooovewich, more reviews than the Den of Geek,
    Tony & William, the Hat’s excogitating servants,
    Are waiting for yoooooouuuuu

    (Doggerel….my greatest accomplishment)

  2. Azuretalon says:

    My understanding of The Dark Tower movie is that it’s a sequel to the books.

    • themagicaltalkinghat says:


      That… sort of explains it? But given what I understand about the ending of the series, it also sort of begs more questions? Hrm..

  3. Azuretalon says:

    GLOW was awesome and I highly recommend the documentary on the real organization as a companion piece. Also, I love bourbon, where was it being made and tours given?

    • themagicaltalkinghat says:

      Cedar Ridge winery and distillery, in Swisher, IA. Basically 10 miles North of Iowa City, toward Cedar Rapids.

  4. Mark says:

    Foot tub of popcorn sounds like Evil Tony’s next rock band.

    Hmm, I’m pretty sure you’re both bad at being blind and at being British.

    Moana: Huh. I’ve always know our tastes in cinema are not the same, but I didn’t realize they were different enough that you’d like this Disney princess film enough to make it your favorite. Generally, I can give movies enough benefit of the doubt that I can overlook the problems with them on a first viewing. Moana did so little to grab me that I was basically writing my own version of CinemaSins for the film as I was watching it.

    Dark Tower: The teasers looked amazing, the trailers looked problematic, the movie I didn’t get around to seeing. The books were interesting, through about book 3.

    Kimmie Schmidt: Meh, I found it so far over the top silly that I couldn’t get through the second/third (not sure any more) episode.

    Problems with video game difficulty: This is one of reasons I like playing on the PC better than consoles. With PC versions, it’s more likely that there are cheat codes and/or helper mods. So if I have problems with combat, I can cheat my way past those issues. 😀

    Side note: I know I’ve not been in the cinema loop much this year, but I didn’t realize how many I’ve missed as you keep talking about stuff I’ve never heard about it.

    Glow: I’ve added it to my Netflix queue and am vaguely interested but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    Cedar Ridge Winery: We’ve been there for a meal once. It wasn’t awful but it was massively overpriced. We did get some of their Apple Mead which was delicious.

    Younger people complaining about getting old: Thank you for continuing to make me feel old and out of touch by talking about a bunch of people I’ve never heard off. Except Beyoncé because even I have heard of her.

    Princess Bride reference FTW!

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