Episode 322 : Emperor of the Galaxy or Something

We have some major technical difficulties in the middle of this episode, folks. Not from the computer, or the mixer… from the Hat itself! Only you can help. By writing the Hat with more questions. Otherwise, it’s your pretty standard show, plus David Hasselhoff. Enjoy!



What is your understanding of forgiveness? –Cawfee


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One Response to Episode 322 : Emperor of the Galaxy or Something

  1. Mark says:

    Pogs? Weird, I’ve no memories of these things.

    Cool people that everybody loves? Huh, that explains why I’ve not written in for a long time.

    GofG2: Here’s hoping Tony’s gotten around to watching this by now, it was a fun film.

    MST3K: Given how animated Tony was talking about this, maybe I’ll move this up in my watch priority.

    Hello Ezzie!

    Standing by while you lot deal with the technical difficulties.

    Forgiveness: What William said.

    Episode 131 was Touching Smells”. I’m not sure if, in this context, that counts as incredibly touching or not.

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