Episode 255 : Jesus Is Not Arbitrary!

This week we get a lot of interesting conversation. Who knew? Still some Fallout talk, still some Clone Wars talk. But then, we actually answer questions! Enjoy!



What are the pros and cons of inviting artgirl007 to be a guest on an episode of the magical talking hat to chime in her opinions to the questions the hat asks? 🙂                        –Anonymous

Do you ever get moments of ‘wow, it’s the 21st century?’ –Anonymous

What do you think about tattoos? Do you have any? –Anonymous

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18 Responses to Episode 255 : Jesus Is Not Arbitrary!

  1. jas says:

    Re: tattoos

    I’m just thinking that the problem with the “you shouldn’t judge people by their exterior” (’cause the real person is inside) is not the inside/outside division but the jusging. ‘Cause I don’t believe in the inside/outside division–we are our bodies and there’s not some hidden “real” self inside. The problem is in judging, whether that’s on how we present ourselves in tattoos, body piercings, clothing choices, things that we say, or whatever…

    • jas says:

      eeeek “judging” not “jusging”

      • themagicaltalkinghat says:

        I’m glad you said… because I was judging you on your spelling.

        • jas says:

          Well as long as you’re not jusging–which I think probably means “to dunk a person into a Roast Beef dipping sauce.” Either that or it’s a form of judging where you just silently imply criticism and let the person stew in their own juice.

          • William says:

            I think “jusging” is when an intoxicated person judges somebody.

            “Pffft! Oh ma gaad… loog-a-dhat guyz tatzoos… I’d nefer hir THHAAT guy fura zhob…”

          • jas says:

            LOL! (William’s drunk guy impression–surprisingly good for one who does not imbibe 🙂

  2. jas says:

    “Agent Carter”–I’m liking second series even better. I like how the same plot device is coming across very differently on this show because of the time period then it does on Agents of Shield–much more of an eerie, “Tales of the Crypt” type feel.

    “Legends”–agreed not great but am still in for now.

    Watching “Arrow” on Wednesday was thinking how much better this show continues to be. At the moment I’m liking it even a bit more than Flash.

    “The Magicians” seems good so far and I like the changes they’ve made from the book.

    I still really like “The Expanse.”

  3. jas says:

    The 21st Century, yes, it’s just like the 18th Century….on crack.

  4. jas says:

    Watched part of the pilot for “Lucifer.” I really liked the main actor and was liking the show at first. And then I started having the repeated experience of “Wait, they didn’t go there did they? That character didn’t say that, did he?” And all of those fell into combinations of–whoa….inappropriate, or wow, racist, or um, weird sexism. So I know the show is about, well, Lucifer, but I don’t think any of this stuff necessarily has to be there for us to remember, right, Lucifer, Satan, Fallen Angel, etc.

  5. jas says:

    Apropos of nothing in this episode, but I just heard there’s going to be a sequel to Crouching Tiger that’s going to release on Netflix 2/26.

  6. Stuart says:

    I’ve been looking forward to the new X-Files since the moment it was announced, and haven’t been able to watch it yet due to life/kids. Scheduled TV just doesn’t do it for me. Anyway, I didn’t stop to think that this concept no longer works. Post-Snowden, overarching Government conspiracy theories are probably all a bit: yeah, that could happen. It’s not a surprise, unless it’s completely left field, like all this Zika stuff (which sounds like bees… remember the bees?).

    Hat forums! That’s a good idea. Might be a plugin for WordPress, actually. If not, give me a shout – I admin a big forum back in the UK, currently upgrading the server and all sorts of fun stuff.

  7. Beth says:

    Tony, I read the exact same thing in my history book at one point about Jesus being born in 4 BC and had the same “that is literally impossible” reaction you did. Still gets me worked up if I think about it too much, so I try not to. Along the same lines as measurements in the game of American football.

  8. Mark says:

    I think TMTH: True Confessions would very most disturbing.

    How high can you count? Do you mean what’s the highest number you can count to or how high can you be and still count?

    Your eyes are not loud enough for me to hear them on the podcast.

    Fallout 4: I keep hearing rumors about the consoles getting mods for this game, not sure if that’s really happening or not but I hope for you sad sacks who don’t play on the PC that it really does happen.

    Clone Wars is canon for The Force Awakens; where did you hear that?

    Rebels: I’ve seen a few episodes of that and found it not unacceptable.

    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Stop the pressed, you thought that was pretty good? Exactly how low are you standards? I managed to get through the pilot but I found it to be the worst drek I’ve watched in some time. I probably wouldn’t have kept going with it; if it hadn’t been for Rory Pond playing at being Capt Jack Harkness.

    Agent Carter: I didn’t care for the 2nd season as much as the 1st season, but I’m still hoping for a 3rd season.

    The Expanse: Not a great show, but I enjoyed watching it (much more than enjoyed the one book of it that I read).

    X-Files: I’ve not seen any of the new episodes, but from the limited bits I’ve heard Jimmy Kimmel’s “guest star clip” points out why it doesn’t work.

    How often do you eat at this pho place that they did all this for you?

    Fallout 4: So what’s so great about the traps? I just build a crap-ton of turrets to raise my settlements’ defense scores.

    FONV: Blargh.

    FO3: Never played it, is it worth going back and playing it (and will it actually run on modern computers/Win10)?

    Guest on the show: I’m not willing to get cancer to be guest on the show. That’s just too hard-hat for me.

    Episode 100: Me, Beth, the Producer, and the newspaper guy.

    “wow, it’s the 21st century?” No, but I do sometimes think “cool, we live in the future!”

    More out of vegetables in 2 or 3 different ways: That sounded so damn wrong. 🙂

    Tattoos: I’ve seen some amazing pieces of body art, but I’m in the same boat as William. I can’t imagine having something permanently inked on myself, as I always imagine regretting it later. I especially wouldn’t want a name or even a quote. If I were ever to actual get one; it would have to be some sort of artwork/imagery.

  9. William says:

    For Legends of Tomorrow, the bar is admittedly low. I like the actors and the characters and I’m really willing to give it a long time to find its footing. Plus, I’m not a fan of time travel stories, so there’s already a little bit of annoyance I’m putting up with that other annoyances can easily slip in under.

    Overall, for the DCTVUniverse that’s being built, I like the tone and the way the characters are being handled (though I wish Green Arrow was more Green Arrow and less — a lot less — Batman) and when a given show has a good moment, it’s actually pretty great. But there are definitely problems here and there. In one episode of the Flash, Captain Cold broke into a laser-secured area by freezing and shattering the actual laser beams. Even as I typed that last sentence, I can’t believe such a ridiculous thing made it to television, but there it is. Still… Flash is, overall, quite good. And I love Supergirl even in spite of its problems. I’ll keep watching all the DC shows in hopes that their strong elements will lift their weak elements up. I’m even still watching Gotham, which mostly sucks, but also has its really nice moments.

    Meanwhile… the second season if iZombie isn’t as good as the first season, but it’s still a very well put together show. That’s the one DC show that I can say is consistently good, show to show, season to season.

    Here’s what I hope they do in the future… introduce Philippus on Supergirl as an Amazon visiting “man’s world”, perhaps skeptical of the prudence of Diana’s mission. And, also on Supergirl, introduce another woman of color as a Blue Lantern. Then, one of the shows can have a big JLA crossover that features Supergirl, Philippus, Blue Lantern, Green Arrow, Flash, and Martian Manhunter. That would be awesome.

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