Episode 199 : Mystery Episode 19 PLUS!

Happy New Year! We’ve got a special treat for you this week, because the computer is acting up! We managed to record about 34 minutes of clipped, jerky conversation before everything exploded. So we’re posting a Mystery Episode, in its entirety… but after the credits, if you wish, you can hear that missing 34 minutes, as well. Enjoy!


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4 Responses to Episode 199 : Mystery Episode 19 PLUS!

    • Craig says:

      Yeah that’s the product I was referring to in the question. I should have probably mentioned the fact that it’s designed as a dietary substitute and according to the articles I’ve seen about it a lot of the users are people who just don’t find food that interesting. Surprisingly I’ve also seen a few quotes from professional chefs who use it in place of mundane meals so that when they have a really fancy dish they can enjoy it more.

  1. William says:

    Wow… it’s a good thing we posted the mystery episode because the thing we recorded on New Year’s Day sounded pretty horrible. 🙁

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